We are taking caution, due to the nature of the government in that region; therefore, names and locations have been modified.  If you have questions, please email DHWM at info(at)DeepHealingWaters.org.

It started in a kite making class….

Actually, it started before I was in my mother’s womb but for now we can begin in early 2016. Chuck Pierce has been talking about Asia and the revival that is going to happen there for years. However, I only started to notice the connection in my spirit that year. Everywhere I turned it seemed Asia or Southeast Asia kept coming before me through different channels. I had a friend who had been there for two years on business and he kept insisting I would love it.  Every couple of months he would be somewhere different, Phillipines, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.  But it was when he said that Vietnam had the best coffee – I knew I was coming.

I arrived in Vietnam on a tourist visa in early 2017 and it wasn’t long before I was in love with the land, the people and the coffee! My plan was to stay for 5 weeks but 3 months later I was waving good bye to my friend as he headed to the airport to go home. I was on my own and excited about what new path God had for me.

Until then I had not sought a place to worship and was satisfied watching GZI online. At the end of June I was catching up on a few missed services and saw a Pastor from Vietnam on the stage. My mouth fell open.  Here I was in Vietnam and there was a Pastor from Vietnam at my church.

Below you can watch the video clip of the prophetic word released to Vietnam. The YouTube video is positioned to start about 2 mins before the prophetic word is given for Vietnam.

I emailed the church and a few days later the Pastor emailed me. We talked and I went to visit the church that week.  The moment I stepped into the service, tears filled my eyes as the worship went forth.  Holy Spirit was in Vietnam!! I didn’t understand a word they were saying but it didn’t matter. I lifted my hands and pretended we were all singing in tongues.  It was beautiful.  That experience began the process of Holy Spirit unfolding why I was here and what I was to do for Him.

Holy Spirit is an excellent strategist! One of GZI’s International Pastors was coming to a country next door to celebrate Feast of Tabernacles 5778 (October 2017).  At least 10 .nations were expected to be present, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia and Malaysia to name a few.  I would be the only one representing Vietnam.  I was so honored.  I bought an Ao Dai, traditional Vietnamese dress, and wore it in the opening processional where all the nations presented themselves as a united group.  I am not Asian and can’t even pass as one but Vietnam was well-received that week.

One afternoon, during the conference, there was a prophetic kite making class. In many churches they wave banners and flags inside during service– kites allow you to wave the banners “outside”. After a brief presentation on how the trainers were led to start doing this and the meaning of colors, we were told to pray and then let Holy Spirit speak to us. And Holy Spirit spoke something He said to me only a week earlier – that “Vietnam would be known for worship and other people would come there to learn and participate in the worship that is released.”

I saw the red (redemption) and gold (glory) of the Vietnamese flag and this verse “ for we have seen His star in the east and have come to worship him.”. I looked it up and it was Matthew 2:2.  This would be the foundation for what I would begin to do.  When I got back my first draft was an all red background and gold star, but a few Vietnamese Christians expressed to me that 1) Red is a controversial color here as there is still tension between the people and the government… AND  2)the government may not appreciate use of the flag in that way. So we settled on purple and white. But I look forward to the day when the red can be returned to the background.



What does it look like in action?

Below is a summary of our strategy.  Vietnam has free Wifi everywhere.  Every coffee shop, beauty salon and restaurant has free Wifi.  Communication in person and via internet will be the primary tools.

  • www.Matthew2-2.org : This site will be a public face of the work in Vietnam. It is hosted under DHWM and all funds go through DHWM. This offers me wall of anonymity.  I will post (in English and VN) teachings, prophetic words, relevant news and sell digital products
  • (Name hidden on purpose): this site will take some work to get done. It will be a secure, offshore(which means it can’t get shutdown) site exclusive for leadership in the region. This will:  a)house in depth prophetic words, vision and dreams about the region; b) spiritual mapping of the surrounding countries c)Pastors will be able to communicate with one another about what is happening in their community; d) site will provide webinars and live streaming classes – where Vietnamese leaders can be ministered to.  It is hard to get foreign preachers to come into the country.  I do believe that the site will include other countries in SEA down the road.
  • Scribes and Oracles of Jehovah (SOJ): I formed this group  because I need help and I may need to train Vietnamese translators. I have met a few young women who are Christians here and have been doing some sort of translation work but want to improve their English and learn more about God. They also want to serve in ministry and help me in the work God has called me to do here. We will work together on Matthew2-2.org and as they develop their skills I think they could be the beginning of a prototype for a training school.
  • Continue to travel and meet Pastors around Vietnam, not only to minister to them and their members but also to share about the private online network – which is the “beginning” manifestation of the prophetic word given to Vietnam in the above video.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we appreciate all the support.

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I will leave you with a little taste of worship from Vietnam.


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